Job / Task Analysis

thumbnailThe Job/Task Analysis module enables the client to generate and update organization wide JTAs easily and efficiently at a fraction of the usual cost. The open architecture and dynamic design of the database allows the user to add, edit, and customize job positions, tasks, skill, abilities, standards, and performance steps.

Product Features

  • Provides essential job functions
  • Assists in developing ADA-compliant job descriptions
  • Enables quick and efficient job-related descriptions or reporting
  • Fulfill accreditation job/task analysis requirements
  • Add, edit, delete position titles
  • Add, edit, delete tasks, skills, or other performance measures
  • Copy performance measures from one position to another
  • Generate performance standards for each task
  • Document procedural steps for each task
  • Generate position validation surveys and reports

Software: AIM | PMP | JTA | FTO Program Management | TMP