Administrative Investigations Management

aimThe Administrative Investigations Management (AIM) system allows law enforcement agencies the ability to track and administer internal affairs investigations, manage incidents and analyze data pertaining to employee early intervention.
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Performance Management Plus

pmpThe Performance Management Plus (PMP) software is designed to enable position specific, systematic, and accurate documentation of on-the-job performance. Performance deficiencies can be easily identified and documented, improvement plans generated and implemented, and performance reevaluated.
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Job Task Analysis (JTA)

jtaThe Job/Task Analysis module enables the client to generate and update organization wide CALEA and State accreditation compliant JTAs easily and efficiently at a fraction of the usual time and cost. The dynamic design of the database allows the user to customize job descriptions, positions, tasks, skills, abilities, standards, and performance steps. more info


FTO Program Management

ftoThe FTO Program Management module of our performance evaluation software is designed to enable systematic and accurate documentation of field training officers using standardized models for FTO management, including customizable DOR’s and reports. The optional web interface enables DOR’s to be generated from vehicles or off-site locations. more info

Training Management Plus (TMP)

tmpThe Training Administration module optimizes training resource allocation, budgeting, and management. Organizations must maintain a competitive edge in today’s global marketplace. This translates into a well- trained workforce ready for new challenges, technologies, and innovations. more info


System Interfaces & Data Migration

data migrationAll of the OTPS solutions can interface with external agency applications such as the human resource system. OTPS has experience with a variety of system applications. OTPS can also convert legacy data for use by OTPS applications so that historical data is available for reporting purposes.