Performance Management Plus

On Target Performance Systems has developed an innovative and proactive approach to managing performance in the law enforcement field. With the primary purpose of improving organizational effectiveness, minimizing liability, and maximizing employee safety, our firm has developed a task-based system designed to continually improve employee performance and manage all aspects of the evaluation process.

PMP Features

  • Document agency job/task analysis for all sworn/non-sworn positions

  • Generate performance standards for all tasks

  • Generate, document and archive employee evaluations

  • Automatically score evaluations

  • Automatically schedule evaluations

  • Document FTO recruit performance and progress

  • Generate and document detailed individual performance histories

  • Document and track individual performance improvement plans

  • Provide performance reports by task, position, employee, shift, supervisor, race, gender, etc.

  • Automatically weight all tasks according to importance/criticality and frequency
  • Schedule, document, and track all training related functions

  • Generate training related reports

  • Highly configurable off the shelf application
  • Quickly view recent evaluations
  • Search for existing evaluations
  • Create new evaluations
  • Assign ratings and enter comments
  • Preview completed evaluation
  • Permission and security rights driven access and setup

Software: AIM | PMP | JTA | FTO Program Management | TMP