Training Management Plus

thumbnail The TMP system provides your agency with an effective and comprehensive tool for managing, tracking and reporting on training activities. The system compiles data on Curriculum, Courses, Classes, Students, Trainers, Certifications, and Logistics.

Key Benefits

  • Optimize training resource allocations
  • Schedule courses, classes, students, equipment, locations, and instructors
  • Link performance deficiencies with available training
  • Tracks mandatory training and certifications
  • Generates detailed training and administrative reports showing class, course, and student information, training resources, and skills-based performance metrics
  • Schedule students, classes, instructors, equipment, and classrooms
  • List course objectives and prerequisites
  • Identify training and instructional needs
  • Associate training courses and skills with employee performance measures
  • Document and analyze employee training costs, tuition reimbursement, and required certifications
  • Generate and customize all training related reports and documentation
  • Highly configurable off the shelf application


Software: AIM | PMP | JTA | FTO Program Management | TMP